Vanessa Hudgens ‘Frozen Ground’ Trailer Pulled from YouTube – Are Stripper Scenes Too Hot?

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The new Vanessa Hudgens “Frozen Ground” video trailer was online at YouTube, but for a limited time. It appears now that the new movie trailer has been yanked from the popular viral video site, ahead of Vanessa’s debut as a movie stripper.

The website Naked Celeb Truth reports that the new Vanessa stripper trailer can no longer be found on YouTube. Multiple sites had reported about the new video earlier, and pointed to a YouTube clip. However, it appears the clip was taken down for copyright issues from the video sharing site. The new movie has a November 30, 2012 release date and reunites co-stars Nic Cage and John Cusack of “Con-Air.”

For those who didn’t get to see it yet, “The Frozen Ground” trailer still exists in video form at website. So it appears that this footage wasn’t too hot to handle online, but rather an issue with the movie people protecting their “assets.” While Vanessa is a former Disney and High School Musical star, her goodie goodie image is slowly deteriorating. She’s been upping the ante with her latest roles including this new one, and “Spring Breakers,” both of which are much more serious films than she’s done in the past. Vanessa has also been doing rather racy magazine photo shoots and has that whole leaked naked image scandal in her past.

Nonetheless, one has to wonder if these types of roles are the ones that young actresses need to get their career jumpstarted. Kristen Stewart seems to be on the same path, as she leaves “Twilight” in the past and is now topless in an upcoming film. Do you think these are the best route for young actresses to get “exposure” and more movie roles, or is there a better way?

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