Vanessa Hudgens Licking “Mysterious White Substance” off Her Finger at Coachella! What is it?

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Vanessa Hudgens was seen at Coachella licking a “mysterious white substance” off her finger. The 22-year-old actress attended the music festival with actor Josh Hutcherson, who has been reported as Hudgens boyfriend. Hutcherson recently starred in “The Kids Are Alright.”

The celebrity couple have been working on an adventure movie called “Journey 2” together. Both Hudgens and Hutcherson enjoyed Coachella together, which consisted of 170 musical acts, which included Pj Harvey, Bright Eyes, and Arcade Fire.

Twitter and Facebook have been swarmed with people questioning what Vanessa Hudgens is licking off her finger. broke the story about the actress after posting a picture of her licking a “mysterious white substance” off her finger. What is going on at Coachella?

People are waiting to hear a response from Hudgens, but she has yet to respond. Is she consulting with her representative as to how to answer the onslaught of questions. It is too bad that celebrities cannot live their lives under the scrutiny of cameras and judging eyes.

Hopefully, the “white substance” is not cocaine. What kind of an example would the grown-up Disney actors and actresses be setting for the generations that grew up watching them everyday from the comfort of their living rooms?

The problem is children grow up getting obsessed with these Disney actors. Then when the Disney actors and actresses grow up and engage in unethical practices, those same children start thinking that drug use and illicit sex is acceptable. Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan are excellent examples of this.

For now, the world waits to hear from Vanessa Hudgens about what she was licking off her finger at Coachella. Maybe it was just powdered sugar from her funnel cake.

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