Vanessa Hudgens Looks Lovely in Her Henna Tattoos

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Vanessa Hudgens, 22, wore a stunning tattoo made of henna. The henna tattoo is temporary, and it looks just lovely on her hands. She may be starting a new fashion trend because with henna there are no regrets, and it’s not painful.

Hollywood Life says that they think her henna inspired tattoo by Alex Pettyfer’s facial art draws attention to her hands. Her hands and fingers are adorned by her silver rings and lovely artwork inspired from her upcoming modern-day Beauty and the Beast story.

Alanis Morissette used henna to decorate her belly while pregnant, and other stars have used it such as Katy Perry. Are henna tattoos a wave of things to come? It looks pretty, and because it’s not permanent anyone can wear one to decorate their face or hands like Vanessa Hudgens did and not have to get stuck with a design for the rest of their lives. You can change a tattoo to match a mood or an outfit.

Would you consider a tattoo like Vanessa Hudgen’s, and if so what part of your body would you like to decorate?  It seems to be the new trend, and it sure looks pretty on Hudgens.


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