Vanessa Hudgens Loves First Tattoo: A Butterfly

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Vanessa Hudgens, 22, bought a souvenir to remember: a butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck. Fashion Week 2011 will never fade away, even when the hot clothing items she may have acquired go out of style. The actress visited Rihanna’s favorite tattoo artist, Bang Bang in NYC, reports MailOnline.  (Click for pics). She chose and sat for her first tattoo.

The experience—there’s no getting around it—hurts. Most people hate needles. So what is it that makes celebs and other folks pay money and then endure long minutes, or even hours of pain? No answer immediately comes to mind. If you have one, please share.File:VanessaHudgensMay10.jpg

Meanwhile, Vanessa Hudgens reportedly “loves” her new art object and symbol of her personal independence.  Sources say she has played around with henna tattoos before, but henna tattoos don’t hurt and aren’t permanent. This time she must have decided to go for the real thing. “Vanessa told me it was an exhilarating experience,” says Bang Bang, “and was a dream to work with.” She kept smiling all through the process, while she clutched what looks like a beer. The whole thing was an impulse, but she chose between a rib-job or her neck at the last minute, so she must have been pretty sure. Friends were tweeting all the while. Check it out.

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