Vanessa Hudgens to Star in Movie About Real Serial Killer

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Vanessa Hudgens is continuing her quest to prove that she’s a serious actress in Frozen Ground, a movie based on the true story of a terrifying real-life serial killer.

John Cusack will star as Robert Hansen, a notorious Alaskan serial killer who murdered around 20 women (mostly prostitutes) between 1980 and 1983. Vanessa will be playing the only target that got away alive.

The way Robert Hansen killed his victims is particularly disturbing. After being discharged from the army and jailed for various crimes, the unassuming, quiet man became a baker in Anchorage, Alaska.

His neighbors likely never thought much of him until June 1983 when a 17-year-old girl wearing handcuffs went to the police. She told them that Hansen had kidnapped, raped, and assaulted her with the handle of a hammer, but she had managed to escape from him while he was loading supplies into his private airplane. Vanessa Hudgens will be portraying this very lucky girl named Cindy Paulson .

Vanessa HudgensAccording to Deadline, Nicholas Cage is set to star in the movie as an Alaska State Trooper who helps Cindy bring Robert Hansen to justice after discovering the cold-blooded killer he really is. For around three years Hansen preyed on women that he thought wouldn’t be missed, kidnapping, raping, and assaulting them before binding them and placing them in his private plane. He would then fly them out to his cabin in the Knik River Valley before releasing them into the Alaskan wilderness, where he hunted and killed them like animals.

Hansen was convicted when items belonging to some of his victims (serial killer trophies) were found in his home and ballistics tests matched the bullets found at crime scenes with those in his rifle. He is still alive today and serving out his 461 year prison term at the Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward.

Frozen Ground definitely sounds much darker than anything Vanessa Hudgens has done in the past. The High School Musical star had no problem leaving her innocent Disney days behind back when her nude photos leaked on the net, but she’s had a rather difficult time proving that she’s a serious, grown-up actress.

Back when it was first announced, her fairytale flick Beastly didn’t get nearly the same amount of buzz that Kristen Stewart and Lily Collin’s Snow White projects have, and the modern take on Beauty and the Beast definitely was not a critical or commercial success. However, Vanessa seems to have quit catering to teens with her latest roles — for her upcoming movie Gimme Shelter, she chopped of her hair, gained weight, and sported a tomboy-goth look to play a homeless pregnant teen, and now she’s taking on this very dark new role.

Hopefully Frozen Ground focuses more on being a movie based on a true story than torture porn, because it could be Vanessa’s chance to really prove herself.

So what do you think — is she going the right direction in her career with roles like this?

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