‘Vanity Fair’ Slams Kristen Stewart for Her “Shy Girl” Act

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Kristen Stewart is not getting any better at expressing herself in public, and now Vanity Fair is weighing in on the vexing problem. Is the whole ‘shy girl” movie star act wearing thin?

Kristen was at the Comic-Con press junket for her upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman movie over the weekend where James Wolcott, Vanity Fair critic-at-large (but not exactly a gushing observer of teen Pop Culture) remarked on her slouchiness on the dais and usual difficulty in stringing more than a few words together:

“I was remarking how tired Kristen Stewart’s affected emo shtick had gotten. How she slumps in her chair on stage half-turned to the audience (while all of her fellow panelists faced front), hanging her head as if all of the fame were too much and too new for her, swallowing her answers and hiding behind her hair. Given the dozens of press and fan events she’s done, when is she going to stop acting like a teenager dragged out of her room to the dinner table?”

It’s not the first time Kristen has been slammed for her lack of polished poise, considering the level of stardom she’s attained.

Hasn’t Robert Pattinson gotten in on the act and passed along some public speaking tips?

It’s what the Brits are most known for – after brilliant acting, of course. And, oh yeah… writing.

But what about her Twilight handlers? Or her stage manager dad?

Hasn’t anyone ever stepped in for a public speaking “intervention” of sorts?

Turns out, Kristen Stewart herself has already made a giant leap forward in this area of poise and finesse.

In this video from Comedy Central, “K-Stew” makes an important leap forward into the arena of public speaking instruction and passes on what she’s learned with some really insightful tips. Such as biting the lower lip for emphasis. And, of course, “being born hot” is essential.

It’s best not to spoil the effect, so the video is included here without further comment.

Kristen would want it that way…

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