Veena Malik Nude Photo Scandal: FHM India Model Criticized by Lollywood Actor

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The Veena Malik nude photo scandal has caused quite an uproar over the past several weeks, leading to harsh criticism of the actress/model for her FHM India cover. Even though Veena denies being naked for it, just recently Lollywood actor Sana Nawaz criticized Malik for it.

According to Times of India, Nawaz came to India by the Attari land border this past Monday. She is there to film the Punjabi movie called Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya, but wasn’t shy about the Veena Malik scandal. Nawa weighed in on her fellow actress saying, “She has only brought embarrassment to us.”

Sana added that Veena “should know her limits” and even said, “I don’t want to talk about her, eik machli sarae talab ko ganda kar deti hai (translation: a rotten fish can spoil the waters).”

It’s apparent that Sana Nawaz is not happy with Veena Malik getting the spotlight for this sort of scandal or controversy. Many who are “legit” actors in Bollywood and Lollywood may feel that Veena’s nude FHM India (or topless) cover, as well as her past dealings aren’t the right way to establish a career in acting.

When it comes down to it, it really should be more about what is being done in the movies, rather than public scandals. Veena Malik has now risen to more popularity for her nude photo scandal and the social/political controversies it has stoked. Wouldn’t she rather be known as an award-winning actress?

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