Veena Malik Nude Photo Scandal – Is FHM India Model Missing in Mumbai?

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The Veena Malik nude photo scandal has taken a worrisome turn as there are reports the topless FHM India cover model is missing in Mumbai. That’s where she was last seen, filming for a movie and now new details have come out.

The Veena Malik scandal originated over her posing for the cover of FHM India topless. She contends the magazine “morphed” the image to make her appear nude on the cover, and filed a lawsuit. Since the story broke, there were reports she was receiving threats from those who weren’t happy with the Pakistani model’s choice of such a racy photo shoot. More recently, Veena was in Mumbai, India on a film shoot. On the ANI News of India’s Twitter profile, they reported the following update several hours ago:

“Pakistan actress Veena Malik was shooting for a film 125km from Mumbai, her phone switched off, she is missing say production unit staff”

However, Times of India is reporting that quite possibly this is a “cry wolf story,” as director/producer Mahesh Bhatt says. Bhatt commented about the situation, saying:

“If she is doing this to keep the excitement alive about her, this will turn into a farce. But it would indeed be sad if nobody responds to her even if her missing tale is true. Veena’s tale could become a wolf wolf story. It will be tragic if people take her story with a pinch of salt even if she were in some kind of serious trouble.”

The reports that Veena Malik is missing needs to be taken seriously. Hopefully for Veena’s sake she is safe from harm. However, if she fabricated this, she may find herself in more controversy and could develop an even more negative public image than before. If this was orchestrated to get attention or more publicity, it’s a bad idea on the part of the topless FHM India cover model. It doesn’t seem like something that Veena Malik would do, but as Mahesh Bhatt noted, she’s been involved in controversies and the spotlight several times now. It’s hard to put this past Veena Malik. Would an agent or friend really come up with this sort of publicity stunt?

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