Veena Malik Nude Photo Scandal – Naked FHM India Cover Gets Twitter Reactions

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As the Veena Malik nude photo scandal continues to be investigated, it has now entered into a lawsuit phase. Meanwhile, many are posting funny comments on Twitter with their reactions to the naked FHM India cover shot.

The nude Veena Malik scandal involves a photo of the Pakistani celeb baring it all online. This has been denied by Miss Malik as she says it was morphed and she never posed nude like that. Ever since Friday, she’s been among the trends on different regions of Twitter and there continues to be tweets about the actress and this naked cover of FHM India. Some have praised her for the shoot while others are making fun of Veena.

An article at has collected some of the funnier remarks made on Twitter about Veena Malik’s naked image scandal.

BinaShah made an interesting political remark regarding Veena’s situation, tweeting:

“We won’t attend the NATO inquiry, we won’t go to Bonn, we won’t do anything but we’ll hold a full investigation into the Veena Malik pic!”

Another Twitter user, @kaalakawaa also remarked on the scandal and linked his joke to NATO, saying:

“We should just outsource everything to Veena Malik now. Can she please handle this whole NATO raid mess too?”

Even the @MTVIndia profile even got in on the fun tweeting:

“Veena Malik would make a terrible ISI agent considering how much she reveals.”

It’s quite clear that many are having fun at the expense of the actress. While she has denied the whole nude photo done by FHM, they are holding fast to the fact that she agreed to the shoot and it was done. Now a lawsuit is underway, and as this case continues expect more jokes on Twitter to come out about the Pakistani babe. She’ll be looking for a husband on her upcoming TV show, and many of the prospective grooms better be prepared to deal with all this. They’ll also have to wonder if they’ll be getting what they’ve seen of her online, or if it was a really good “morph” job.

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