Veena Malik Nude Photo Scandal – ‘Strict Action’ for Naked FHM India Cover?

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As the Veena Malik nude photo scandal continues, it appears there could be consequences for the celebrity if she did indeed pose naked for FHM India. The Pakistan Interior Minister has suggested “strict action” against Malik.

While Veena Malik’s nude scandal has brought a lawsuit from the actress, FHM India has contended that she truly posed naked for them. Meanwhile, one very important figure could take action against Malik if it’s determined she bared it all. According to Times of India:

“Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rahman Malik has said he had not seen the pictures.

However, he contended that if Malik had done a nude shoot, “strict action” would be taken against her.”

This has brought plenty of controversial statements from Pakistan and around the world, with many mixing discussions of feminism, cultural morals, religion, and politics. Some have supported Veena Malik for the bold statement of posing naked, even though she’s saying she didn’t. Others have lashed out and criticized the Veena Malik nude FHM photoshoot. Nonetheless, the controversy will continue until one side wins. If FHM has proof that Veena Malik posed nude for them, what will the consequences be? She would not only be guilty of lying, but also seems to have got the attention of Pakistan’s Interior Minister.

Do you think there should be “strict action” taken against Malik if it’s proved that she posed naked for FHM India, or do you believe this is too much focus on the topic rather than more important political matters?

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