Veena Malik Nude Photo Scandal – Talks Naked FHM India Cover on ‘Have Your Say’

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The Veena Malik nude photo scandal was in the spotlight again on a new interview by the BBC. Veena appeared as a guest on “Have Your Say” and spoke about the naked FHM India cover image that has caused so much controversy.

The Veena Malik nude FHM controversy has drawn plenty of attention all around the world. The provocative images include the celebrity posing on the cover with her legs and arms strategically covering her up. An “ISI” tattoo also appears on her arm. Malik has denied posing completely naked, saying she was wearing a thong at the time.

The Pakistani babe behind all of the controversy over the racy magazine cover was on the BBC’s “Have Your Say” for a 30-minute interview session (listen here). The conversation not only includes Veena Malik, but also others who weighed in on the topic and why it’s such an issue in Pakistan. Veena contested several of FHM‘s statements in the interview, while also making some of her own.

Several key points from the interview have arrived on the BBC_WHYS Twitter profile, including the following tweeted excerpts:

Veena Malik says it was a bold shoot but in line with bollywood norms and insists she’s not the only actress in the industry to pose topless

Veena Malik says she did the FHM shoot for free and feels people need to be grown up about the pictures contained in the magazine

Veena Malik doesn’t accept the criticism: What difference does it make if a woman wears a burka or a bikini? They’re both a woman’s choice

It’s interesting to hear Veena go on the record with a major news source while she has ongoing lawsuits. One is her own lawsuit for $2 million or so, while another is being filed against her by FHM as a countersuit. She continues to defend what she has done in this shoot even though it has caused so much controversy. There’s also the recent reports that her own father has disowned her for this, and that important officials in Pakistan may take strict action. It’s apparent that Veena Malik and the FHM India nude photo scandal will only continue from here!

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