Well, sort of.

I’ve been a sort of vegetarian for most of my life.  A strict vegetarian would laugh at my use of the word.

When I started, I was very strict with myself – no meat – no fish – no poultry.

Now…. well, no mammals.

I used to freak out if my fried rice had pork in it.

Now… I just pick it out if I’d forgotten to say vegetable fried rice.

I will steer clear of things I know are made with beef or beef stock or any other product that has come from a mammal.  I had the choice of minestrone soup the other day -it’s often made with beef broth – so it was a no-go.

I feel like a hypocrite – why one type of animal rather than another?  I had vowed never to eat ell – yucky – then I did and they’re tasty – at least in sushi. 

Any foods you refuse to eat on ethical/moral grounds?

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