Vehicular Homicide Can Be Charged to Driver and Passenger in Tennessee

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Vehicular homicide in Tennessee can be charged to someone who gives their vehicle to someone else to drive who is incapable of driving. In other words, if you are drunk and allow someone else who is drunk to drive your vehicle and that person hits and kills someone, you can both be charged with vehicular homicide. And that is exactly what happened to Erin Brown and her boyfriend Trevor Bradshaw.

Erin Brown, 21, was drunk back in December. She knew she couldn’t drive, so she gave her keys to her drunken boyfriend, who she ‘assumed’ was sober enough to drive. Wrong. Brown’s boyfriend was drunk and he struck and killed two young men in Nashville. Brown and her boyfriend are both charged with vehicular homicide.

According to police, the law in Tennessee says that if you allow someone to drive your car when you know that person is drunk, you are responsible. This is the first time this law has been enacted. Brown now faces up to 30 years in prison. In her arrest warrant, it states that she said that her boyfriend was drunker than she thought he was. So Erin Brown was drunk; she knew her boyfriend was drunk. She figured he was less drunk than she was. Now two young men are dead and Brown and Bradshaw are facing prison time.

Project 365 #200 190711 Back In The Saddle Again!If you live in Tennessee and you are in a situation like Erin Brown, call a taxi and keep your keys in your purse. If you give your keys to someone who is drunk and they kill someone, you will also be charged with vehicular homicide. It should be interesting to find out what happens when this case goes to court.

Either way, don’t drink and drive. Don’t allow someone else who is drunk to drive your car. If Erin Brown had called a taxi, two young men would still be alive.

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