Venereal Disease and St. Valentine’s Day History

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Is venereal disease part of St. Valentine’s Day history? As people search for lovers, venereal disease is a major concern. Does that mean you have to say Valentine’s Day, Go Away? Maybe…being cautious can save your St. Valentine’s Day history from itchy, uncomfortable memories. 

Let’s face it, nobody thinks about venereal disease at the heat of the moment. If your personal St. Valentine’s Day history includes one-night stands or free love, you might already have experience with venereal disease. 

If you’re monogamous or even married, you’re not exempt from the threat of venereal disease. From herpes to AIDS, they can all strike anyone. You are depending on your partner to be clean, faithful and have a history with people who don’t have venereal disease. 

Do you remember the TV commercial years ago where the young lady said she thought “VD” stood for Valentine’s Day…then realized it meant venereal disease? You don’t want your St. Valentine’s Day history to include a nasty bout with venereal disease. 

Don’t get desperate and don’t be afraid to question the actions of someone you are already intimate with. After all, all these actions have a direct impact on your healthy body. Nobody wants venereal disease. 

Check out these tips from about preventing and handling venereal disease. San Francisco Bay Guardian reports a series of parochial films entitled, “Love, Sex and Venereal Disease” are premiering on Valentine’s Day, presented by Oddball films and video. “Love, Sex and Venereal Disease” includes films such “VD Attack Plan,” a Disney animation about gonorrhea and syphilis. 

Make your St. Valentine’s Day history happy by choosing your partners carefully. Here’s to good loving and safe sex to add to your St. Valentine’s Day history memories! 

Here is a YouTube video of a movie for teens from 1966 discussing venereal disease…talk about St. Valentine’s Day history: 





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