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I’m a foodie, I admit it and for me tender venison in a tasty dark brown (mushroom) gravy is a real culinary treat. 

Unfortunately, the only time we ever have venison is at a fancy restaurant, maybe once a year. But, lucky for us, Richard’s has a co-worker who uses his annual vacation to go hunting with relatives somewhere in the backwoods up north. Last year, he gave Richard a couple of packages, such as sirloin steak, chuck steak and ground chuck. The venison ground chuck, long gone, it became the key ingredient in one of my Texas chili dishes.  

I suspected the beginnings of freezer burn so I decided on fixing a stew (pity to do that to a sirloin:) Anyway, it was time to use up the sirloin steak, a small package and the chuck steak which in itself was enough for two.

Half way into the cooking process, I realized I was out of juniper berries, a must have ingredient for my regular way of fixing a good venison stew which usually includes dark red cherries and a little orange brandy. Undeterred, I decided to go French – think Steak Diane type sauce as far as flavor.

However, I didn’t have any French red wine either, but I had picked up a bottle of Chianti during Italian week at our local Aldi (grocery store).  


Our venison stew turned out as tender and delicious as hoped for and since I fixed most of it before Richard came home – this is not a quickie dinner – I thought I’d share my concoction with you.

ENJOY – oh, and cheers, daaahhlings! You can’t cook with wine and not indulge a bit yourself along the way. 

Come – have a look at the pot … (no, not that kind:)

Here, I already browned the meat, seasoned with “Herb de Provence” and a pinch of salt. Threw in half a large purple onion, sliced rather thickly …

I just added two green onions and a couple of bay leafs – they were on the small side so I used three.


While all that is doing it’s thing on medium heat … for about ten to fifteen minutes …

I took one package – each – out of the freezer …

… mushrooms – carrots (which I diced up) – a mixture of chopped fine onion, celery and red paprika.


Knorr makes a great Beef Stew seasoning – they call it Goulash – but it works well with all pork, beef and veal dishes.

I chose wide egg noodles since Richard likes them and they’re quicker than potatoes, but we both like potatoes, garlic mashed rosemary or parsley potatoes would have worked great too. 

OK – I’m having some wine now:) – have to make sure it’s good:)

Continue cooking the veggies for about fifteen minutes on medium heat.

Having a few more sips of wine:) – well, OK then, if you must know – starting on my second glass:)


The stew mix called for two cups of water, so I used two cups of red wine instead.

Made me reflect on how Jesus turned water into wine … I digress, …..

Stir the wine into the goulash mix until it has no lumps and add to the stew.

Keep your pot on medium heat, stir frequently – add up to a cup and a half of water as needed. If you want a thinner gravy, add another half a cup.

At this point, your venison stew should be smelling great – like mine is now

… looking good and oh, so tempting …


One last shot for you, because I hear Richard at the door.

Set stew on low heat, while you fix your noodles, potatoes, rice etc – whatever you like. If you bake your own bread – you might just decide to go only with that.

Just for the heck of it – here’s a pic of the noodles about to be done.


A shot of the stew simmering – notice – I left the lid partially opened …

….. and no, there is nothing wrong with my picture or your screen colors…:)

I have Italian cookware and the glass lids are tinted in aqua-turquoise:)


I hope you’ve enjoyed cooking with me:)

We will be dining al fresco in the garden ………………..

… right next to my favorite Hibiscus bush.


The tray is ready to take outside …



Someone else approved of my cooking too …………………………..

Jimbo – our resident garden kitty, is not the begging kind, but he could smell a good thing.

After we finished supper, he came to investigate in hopes of a leftover bite.


Cheers – and thanks for looking!  

Have a great weekend everyone!

Written and photographed by Rose H. – images taken with Olympus D-565UZ

copyright 2009



I used three small to medium size steaks which will give you generous servings for four or six regular servings.

Serve with potatoes or wide egg noodles, add a nice green salad (lettuce – cucumbers) on the side or do like we did and have watermelon for dessert.

Fruit – especially cherries, apples and plums are a good choice alongside your stew.




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