Venus 2 Diner, a second chance. a love story by Michael

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i reflected on some old good times and memories of the mid 70's. the carefree weekends back in brooklyn where dance clubs, bar hopping, and a ride from a car service that took me back home again. my intentions was to find a girlfriend and maybe establish a relationship, but it never came to pass. too many one night stands where that was all these girls seemed to be looking for. i guess it was payback time for all the hurting and lost loves that they once were looking for. the last stop before the car service was a place called the "Venus 2 Diner". my meals were always the same..manhatten clam chowder soup, a lettuce salad with french dressing, a cheeseburger and fries, and for dessert two cups of coffee. that was the highlight of those weekends back then along with a safe ride home. in 1995 some twenty years later i drove back there to give it a second chance. the names of the clubs and bars had changed and the dancing wasn't the same anymore. it was still a young crowd and i felt out of place. the Venus 2 Diner was still there which again was to be my last stop. a waitress approached my booth as i caught a glimpse of her name tag. it looked so familiar but i just couldnt remember why. she said, "how about some manhatten clam chowder, a lettuce with french dressing, a cheeseburger and fries, and two cups of coffee for dessert"? a sudden flashback of me and Carol had us on ride home from a car service with a one night stand that should have lasted longer. "i got nothing to go home to tonight, how about you"?, she said with some tears in her eyes. we rode back home and made love for the second time. she introduced me to a daughter that was conceived by us some twenty years before. i asked her to marry me in front of our daughter and all agreed. it wasn't the typical meal you would have at a wedding, but me and the wife thought it appropriate for this special occassion. manhatten clam chowder soup, some lettuce with french dressing, cheeseburgers and fries, and 250 cups of coffee…

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