Venus Williams French Open Outfit Presents Shock (Photos)

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Venus Williams French Open outfit was shocking to say the least. Venus Williams French Open outfit seemed like something that you would see in a club more than on one of the biggest stages in women’s tennis, but that is exactly what fans got to see in her Open match in Paris. To say that Venus Williams French Open outfit was shocking might not even do it justice, as can be seen below in the photos from her match. Keep in mind that this is what she wore in front of a crowd of thousands and a television audience of millions.

Venus Williams French Open Tennis 2010


So did Venus Williams go too far with her new outfit? It certainly didn’t leave much to be desired, but she did succeed in garnering a lot of attention for her fashion choice, and will have herself talked about at the water cooler for many months to come.


Venus Williams French Open 2010

From the experience of playing tennis for quite a few years, it seems that the outfit would probably be quite comfortable to wear on the court, and wouldn’t restrict her play at all. Looking at it from merely a game-play vantage point, it might make sense that she would go with an outfit like this. If we take a step back though, and consider that she was making a fashion statement here, it might not make quite as much sense to all of the tennis fans around the world.

So what do you think folks? Iconic fashion or a fashion mistake?


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