Venus Williams Near Wardrobe Malfunction, Almost Exposes Breast (Video)

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There was a Venus Williams near wardrobe malfunction in Italy this weekend. The star nearly gave new meaning to “exhibition match” when part of her outfit almost exposed one of her breasts.

The incident occurred while Venus was competing against Italian tennis player Flavia Pennetta. As the match was taking place in Milan this past Saturday, one of the straps on Venus’ dress snapped, and nearly bared her naked breast to the crowd (and world). The dress she was wearing just so happened to be one from her own sportswear line called “EleVen.”

Venus managed to catch the mishap quickly enough to cover herself, and had to come back to the match after changing into something less revealing. She also brought back some popcorn to share with Pennetta. Pennetta won the exhibition 7-6, 7-2, but you could say Venus Williams sort of won as well, by not exposing herself to the world.

Of course, that’s not to say this couldn’t happen again. CBS News reminds fans that it’s not the first time Venus has worn something on the court that grabs attention, and probably won’t be the last. It also may be time for Venus to go back to the drawing board, or design concept team, for the outfits she’s making. Check out video below which shows Venus Williams in her near wardrobe malfunction.

(Image source: Wikimedia)

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