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While it may not be the best source, The National Enquirer is reporting an alleged affair between Vera Baker and Barack Obama.  The allegations are that the two were close several years back as Baker helped raise campaign funds for Barack to eventually become the president of the United States.  The Vera Baker photo here shows Obama’s alleged mistress from back in the day.

It’s now coming out that Baker and Obama may have shared a hotel room and more.  There’s an unnamed “anonymous” limo driver who reports driving the two around together for campaign activities, then dropping them off at the hotel together at 10:30PM afterwords.  While that’s no confirmation of an affair, it’s definitely got people talking, and “anti-Obama ops” are looking to pay big bucks for info or evidence.

One piece of evidence could be a hotel security tape which shows Obama and Baker together.  Again this is simply celebrity gossip right now until there’s actual proof put forth of the affair.  So far there’s no word from Baker or Barack Obama regarding these allegations.  If true, it could really rock the white house and the nation, after the Obama’s were presented as the ultimate “loving couple”.

Above photo is of Vera Baker, alleged to have had an affair with President Barack Obama.

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