Vera Baker PHOTOs – Barack Obama’s Mistress?

An old affair rumor has reignited itself. Is Vera Baker the former mistress of President Barack Obama? According to the National Enquirer, oh, YES he can and YES he did.

It’s been a developing story since 2008 when the magazine tried to get (pay) sources close to Obama and Baker to come forward with their story or a name but there were no takers at the time. That has since changed.

A limo driver has come forward to say that he was paid to drive Vera Baker to meet with then Senator Barack Obama for a private romp in a hotel. The Enquirer has since verified the limo drivers claims.

Supposedly after Michelle Obama became convinced of the relationship, she had Vera Baker shipped off to to a Caribbean island.

But a lawyer representing the Baker denied that report and said: ‘Although her duties on the [2004] campaign changed over time, there was never any hint that Mrs Obama had any concerns about her relationship with the Senator or played any role in recommending a change in her duties.’

There are also claims that Anti-Obama operatives have been fishing for more intimate details and eye-witness account by offering over $1 million to those who come forward with legitimate claims.

Well then… for that amount, I saw Obama with Baker, they were playing patty cake with a candlestick maker then I witnessed them smoking a joint and playing marbles and tic tac toe. Yup, I swear it’s all true, now where’s my million bucks?


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