Veterans Charity Fraud: Con Artist Scams GOP and Gets Away with Millions

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Veterans charity fraud has got to be one of the most popular and most sickening charity rackets out there.  On a day when the country should be celebrating its veterans, there is a manhunt for scam artist Bobby Thompson.

Thompson took on a fake identity and set up a sham veterans charity called U.S. Navy Veterans Association.  Through it, he collected over $100 million.  Unfortunately, most of that money is unaccounted for.  It is very likely that virtually none of it went to help any veterans.

Bobby Thompson also contributed to the campaigns of many high profile Republican politicians such as John Boehner, George W. Bush, John McCain and Michelle Bachmann.  All of them are distancing themselves from Thompson, saying they did not know he was a fraud.  He donated to them under the phony name Bobby Thompson.  This is a crime in itself.  His donations to the GOP political campaigns gained Thompson access to these politicians.  The access gave his fake charity more legitimacy, which he used to bilk people out of even more money.

Now Bobby Thompson has vanished.  It’s not just the money he has run off with that is sickening.  It is the way his crime has put a stain on veterans charities.  People will see this and think twice about contributing.  Veterans can’t afford that right now.  There are too many homeless and sick veterans just home from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and in desperate need of the support.

One way you can avoid falling victim to scam artists is by giving directly to a charity instead of giving over the phony to a telemarketer.  It’s just sad that we can’t even trust a charity organization.

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