Veterans Day 2011: Are Banks and Post Office Open on Friday 11/11/11?

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With the arrival of Veterans Day 2011, many are wondering if banks and the post office are open on Friday 11/11/11. It will be a day of remembrance across the nation, with various offices closed for the holiday.

According to the USPS website, they list Veterans Day 2011 as one of the holidays that US post offices will be closed on. That means residents across the country should not expect mail delivery on Friday. Also, they won’t be able to go to their local post office locations to send out mail, buy stamps, or other tasks they’d normally do on regular business days.

The stock market and other financial markets will be open on Veteran’s day. So will many grocery stores or retail stores offering sales for the weekend. However, according to, many public schools and banks have the option to close. Most other state and local government offices will be closed. It’s best to call ahead for specific local businesses and offices in your area to make sure of their hours, or if they are open on Friday.

With all of these various closings for Veterans day it leaves those who don’t have to work or go to school with some time on their hands. What will you do with your free time if you’re off for the holiday?

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