Vh1: Celebrity Fit Club Bootcamp Season 7 Finale

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On the finale of this season’s Celebrity Fit Club, Kevin Federline finally opened up about how he hurt former girlfriend Shar Jackson and he apologized for how he humiliated her through the media.

Shar Jackson and Kevin dated years ago and have two children together. During their relationship Kevin cheated on Shar with pop star Britney Spears. Over the years Shar became known as a tabloid star rather than the actress that she is.

The Graduation

Kaycee started out weighing 196 pounds and ended with 167. She lost 29 of her goal of 30 pounds.

Shar gave an emotional speech and she told Kevin how relieved she was to hear those words from him.

“Thank you so much for bringing me my friend back.” she said

Shar started out with 146 pounds and ended the season with 128. She lost 18 of the 20 pounds she was reaching.

Nicole was next to the least to meet her expected goal. She only lost 10 pounds in a course of 8 weeks. She began with 130 and ended with 120.

Sebastian, the only onw who didn’t lose or gain any weight, started out with 205 and ended with 205. Ian’s advice to him was to keep moving forward with the plan.

Tanisha surprised herself when she lost 24 pounds, more pounds than she expected to lose. She started out with 240 pounds and ended with 216. She even read a sentimental poem she wrote about her experience in the bootcamp.

Bobby Brown only had a weight goal of 20 pounds, but he lost 11 and gained one. During the bootcamp process, Bobby managed to lose 11 pounds, but at the final weigh in he gained one pound. in a previous weigh in Bobby agreed that for every pound he was under he was to donate $1000 to charity. He didn’t like that idea so he gave Dr. Ian a blank check and walked out using vulgar language.

“Kiss my a**!” he said.

Harvey tried to stop Bobby from leaving the show but Bobby continued to lash out with more profanity.

“Don”t walk out like that, stand up like a freaking man then walk out.” Harvey said to Bobby

After Bobby returned Ian gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him 60 days to get the 9 pounds off.

Jay lost the most out of everyone. He even went over his set goal of 30. Jay started out with 258 and ended with 218. Jay was also the individual fit factor winner with a fit factor of 43.5, making him also the winner of season 7 Celebrity Fit Club. He won several prizes including $20,000.

Last but not least was Kevin, who almost beat Jay with just 3 fit factor points away from Jay, met his goal of losing 30 pounds. He started out with 232 and ended with 202. Even though he didn’t win Kevin says, “he is going to take everything he learned and keep going.”

Overall it was the blue team (Tanisha, Sebastian, Kevin and Kaycee) who had the highest fit factor of 137.4, beating the red team by nearly 16 points. The blue team also took home several prizes including $17,500 each.

Congratulations to all of the players I hope they all continue to work hard towards their goal!

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