Vice President Joe Biden: Tea Party Contributed to Bad Economy, and more!

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Vice President Joe Biden has been making the rounds lately. He was speaking in New Hampshire this week when he placed blame on the Tea Party for taking the House in 2010 and obstructing progress. He said, “Imagine where we’d be if the Tea Party hadn’t taken control of the House of Representatives…”

Joe Biden by patrickeastersOf course the Vice President would have preferred representatives that better reflect his and President Obama’s beliefs, but unfortunately for them and fortunately for the United States, American citizens are the ones who do the electing. Biden explained that despite the “obstructionism”, the president still demonstrated “important progress” during his term. Without those Tea Party citizens, who voted for people that better represent their beliefs, President Obama would have pushed through all kinds of additional “stimulus”.

After calling them “honourable”, Biden stated that the Tea Party is “a group set on obstructionism,” in a post by the Washington Examiner. “They have one overwhelming goal: prevent President Obama from a second term, with no – apparently no care of the consequences to the economy,” he said.

Watch the clip here:

In Ohio this week, a bizarre anti-wealth, but pro-dreams of wealth speech, Biden said that he resented when “they talk about families like mine that I grew up in…I resent the fact that they think we’re talking about…that we’re envy…it’s job envy, it’s wealth envy, that we don’t dream. My mother believed and my father believed that if I wanted to be the president of the United States that I could be…I could be vice president of the United States. My mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire! My mother and father dreams just as much as any rich guy dreams! They don’t get us! They don’t get who we are!”

So, the question begs to be asked: If Joe Biden’s brother or sister became a millionaire, then wouldn’t they become the “rich guy”? Who would now be the mysterious “they” who are always saying that they are “envy”? Vice President Joe Biden would start yelling about them!

Watch the fiery and bizarre speech here:

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