Vicki Gunvalson Defends Her Man, Says “He’s Not An Opportunist!”

Vicki Gunvalson has spent most of Real Housewives of Orange County‘s seventh season defending her new love, Brooks Ayers. At the time they were filming, the tabloids were running wild with all the dirt they had on Brooks, and therefore, the cast was exposed to his shady past. Most of the ladies were concerned for Vicki, but she took it the wrong way, and lost a lot of friends.

The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion was no different for Vicki. When the ladies, including her daughter Briana, were talking about Brooks’ opportunist ways, Vicki lost it.

In a new clip, Vicki gets heated when Brooks is put down and uses Slade Smiley as a comparison. “Is he an opportunist because he’s working with you and you have a potential to give him a lifestyle?” Gunvalson snaps. “You’re accusing Brooks of all that, and it’s like, look in the mirror.”

Regardless of his similarities to Slade, Brooks is not the same. Slade has started his own company and also helps with Gretchen’s career. He is trying to get caught up on the amount of child support that he owes and takes up on any job offer he can—remember his stint as a comedian? Brooks doesn’t seem to do much at all and allegedly is living off Vicki and her money.

The ladies continue to bicker back and forth and throw accusations of hypocrisy back and forth. In the end, Vicki asks, “Do you want me to break up with him or can I just find out life on my own now at 50 years old?”

The drama-filled part 2 of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion airs tonight at 8:00pm on Bravo! Tune in to see Vicki Gunvalson and the ladies go at it!

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