Vicki Gunvalson Finally Addresses Brooks’ Shady Past as Shown on ’20/20′

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is finally speaking out on the negative publicity her boyfriend Brooks Ayers got on an episode of 20/20. An ex-girlfriend of Brooks spoke out and put him in a negative light. Everyone was wondering just how Vicki reacted when she learned of the negative docu-series and if she left Brooks behind after it aired. Of course, the reunion was filmed prior to the show, so the reunion doesn’t capture the stress Vicki must have felt after her boyfriend was labeled as a horrible and uncaring man.

Now, Vicki is finally speaking out about the episode and she doesn’t seem to be too affected. “There is a lot that’s been said in the media that simply isn’t true,” The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson recently said in an interview. While she doesn’t explain what is false and what is true, she wants people to know that she is fine. And she spent the weekend with her daughter and her new husband Ryan at Lake Havasu. It sounds like Vicki really is doing alright.

“I appreciate all the fans who’ve sent me kind words of support, and while I can understand that people may be angry or confused by what the media has told them, I want my fans to know that I am strong, and smart and love my family very much. To any detractors out there—you only see one side of the media story and the truth will soon be told,” Vicki continues. The story will ‘soon be told,’ because Brooks’ lawyers are putting together a case to respond to a recent media story. What the ‘truth’ is has yet to be revealed, but it sounds like Vicki thinks that the story on 20/20 was very one-sided.

Do you think Brooks’ is lying about his past?

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