Vicki Gunvalson Talks About the Ladies’ Trip to Costa Rica

Vicki Gunvalson was acting pretty strange during the ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County‘s trip to Costa Rica on last night’s episode — and everyone took notice. But where her antics genuine happiness or was she faking it?

“I knew it was going to be a tough trip for me,” Vicki said in her Bravo TV blog. “So much had happened (far too many things to explain and much more than you have seen on camera) that I was ready for a trip far away with the girls. I was really hoping I could leave my emotions at the curb and not bring any tears on the trip.”

Just a few episodes prior, Vicki found out that her daughter Briana had gone to Vegas and gotten married. She felt completely betrayed and is clearly still dealing with the effects of having her only daughter leave her out of one of the most important moments of her life.

Vicki also addressed Tamra’s harsh words saying, “I was very surprised that Tamra made those comments about me saying that I was a hypocrite. In fact, I couldn’t believe it as she knew how hurtful it was to me when Gretchen called me that.”

Vicki and Tamra have been getting closer every season since Tamra joined the cast during season 3. However, their friendship has become strained after Tamra and fellow cast member Gretchen Rossi made nice. “I love Tamra, and just wish it was normal between us, or like the old times. Somehow we have gotten off course and I don’t get it.”

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