Victim Afraid that Jerry Sandusky Will Go Free

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Now that Jerry Sandusky, the former football defensive coach from Penn State, has been charged with sexual abuse of children, the victims are speaking out in fear of Sandusky. Yesterday, a report leaked that Sandusky had been horsing around with the children, but not sexually abusing or raping them as Mike McQueary, a supposed witness, had claimed. This brought a cloud of suspicion over the entire sex scandal case and Sandusky started to look like a big misunderstanding.

However, one of the victims is speaking out in fear that Sandusky will go free to ABC’s Good Morning America. “I’m afraid he’ll go free,” the victim told his mother, who shared his fears on the morning show. She is urging other victims to come forth in hopes of proving that Jerry Sandusky is guilty and get him behind bars.

The mother also reacted to Jerry Sandusky‘s claims that he only horsed around with the children. “It’s not games. It’s planned-out strategy to groom children to molest,” she reacted in angry. She has every right to be angry with Sandusky’s actions over many years of sexual abuse.

One fear that Jerry Sandusky goes free has to do with one victim claiming that nothing sexual happened and his lawyer believes him.

What do you think will happen in this Penn State sex scandal?

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