Victim Happy Roman Polanski Not Being Extradited (Video)

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Samantha Geimer was just 13 in 1977, when Roman Polanski slept with her. Thirty Plus years later, the victim says she very relieved Switzerland chose not to extradite the 76 year old Polanski to face charges in the United States. Furthermore, Polanski was released from custody and for that matter any type of monitoring, enabling Polanski to travel anywhere he wished and even to disappear should he choose to do so.

According to CNN, Geimer was happy with the choice Switzerland made ,and felt Polanski had served his time. In an interview she stated, “We had a corrupt judge who was being dishonest.” She added “Polanski had no reason to trust the system was going to work for him, and I’ve been so much more damaged by the court system and by the media than by him.” The media can be quite merciless about pursuing a story, but it seems she might be more than a little too forgiving.

While Samantha Geimer may be forgiving, the courts aren’t feeling that spirit. In October of 2009, The New York Times reported Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley as saying, “There’s still five or six other much more serious charges pending that have yet to be resolved. They won’t be resolved until he’s finally sentenced.” Since Polanski didn’t face the music in court as scheduled, it seems that his earlier plea bargain is not in effect.

Polish-born film director Roman Polanski awaits a public talk in Potsdam in this February 19, 2009 file photo. The woman who at age 13 was the victim of the sex crime for which Roman Polanski pleaded guilty but was never sentenced lost a bid on April 22, 2010 to have the 30-year-old case against the director dismissed. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke/Files (GERMANY - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT CRIME LAW HEADSHOT) It is unlikely that Roman Polanski will ever face the courts on this charge, but Lanny Breuer, the Assistant United States Attorney General, doesn’t appear to have given up just yet. In July of this year, Breuer stated that they were “still reviewing their options.” With Switzerland refusing to extradite Polanski, it doesn’t seem there are many options left. The aging Polanski might never live to see another day in court on this charge.

So how do you feel about Roman Polanski not facing justice? Do you feel as Geimer does, in that she believes Polanski served his required time? What does this say for Switzerland, and it’s stance on the sexual treatment of under aged girls? The video below sheds light on Geimer’s thoughts about Polanski.

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