Victim of Chimpanzee Attack Gets Successful Face Transplant

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A woman who was attacked two years ago by a chimpanzee received a full face transplant. Charla Nash will regain her sense of smell and be able to eat solid foods again. What an amazing feeling that must be after so long.

Victim of Chimpanzee Attack Gets Successful Face TransplantDoctors at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital successfully performed Charla Nash’s face transplant. Dr. Elof Eriksson said, “I am happy to report that the team has achieved tremendous success.”

After being attached by the chimpanzee, Nash has gone through so much. She had two hands transplanted during the surgery, but unfortunately they didn’t thrive, and doctors removed them.

Back in February 2009, Nash responded to her friend Sandra Herold’s call. Herold needed help corralling her pet chimpanzee Travis back inside after he had escaped her house using a key. When Nash arrived to help her friend, Travis jumped on her and began mauling her. Tragically, police also shot and killed the chimp who had been in Coca-Cola and Old Navy commercials.

Nash’s face transplant is the third doctors at the hospital have done. Hers is different due to the extent of the damage to her face. Doctors expect sensation to return to her face in just months. Things will continue to gradually improve so she will be able to smile and have other facial expressions.

What an amazing story. This surgeries and healing that Charla Nash has gone through in the time since the chimpanzee attack have been extensive and grueling, and she’s done it all. Her doctors say she inspired them to do their best. What an amazing testament of this woman’s character and will to continue living her life.

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