Victoria Beckham and David Beckham Baby Marriage Problems

The internet is a buzz that there may be trouble in the Beckham household. Supposedly David Beckham is suffering from the Baby Blues… wanting another baby that is… but Victoria Beckham is done for now.

According to,Victoria wishes to continue with her fashion career instead of having another child but David wants a little girl to add to the three little boys they currently have.(Major problem is gender can’t be chosen when you have a baby naturally. some products claim it but nothing is 100%.)

Britain’s NOW magazine source said, “It’s crunch time for the Beckhams. In recent months David’s only spent snatched moments of time with his family. He says he’d like to try for another child in the hope they’ll have a girl.
But the reality is their careers will propel them to different parts of the globe for months — if not years — if they don’t make some painful decisions soon. Meanwhile, Victoria’s old body insecurities have resurfaced, which piles on the pressure.
They’ve had some real heart-to-hearts about what they want next in life. If they don’t get these resolved there will always be conflict as their lives go in separate directions.”

Last month, Victoria addressed questions about having more children, saying, “I think one day, if we’re blessed to have more children, it would be amazing.  It’s a lot having three boys. So, we’re just enjoying the boys at the moment. But who knows, one day?”

Apparently, David Beckham wants that one day to be today and it’s easy for a man to want more children when he can continue with his career and he doesn’t have to carry the baby for 40 weeks! Trust me, it’s NOT easy to have your body bounce back, mine is still in transition after having two sons… This is truly Victoria Beckham’s choice, no one else’s.

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