Victoria Beckham Bread Winner? Could Earn More than David!

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Could Victoria Beckham actually earn more than her football playing husband David over the long haul? From some reports the answer to this question about the former Spice Girl is a resounding yes!

Ok, so Victoria Beckham sometimes comes across as pinching her pennies (read about that here), but she may just be a savvy business woman. In a week where she just received her first British Fashion Award for her own fashion designs, it is not to unrealistic to believe that she might actually have a long career in the industry.

While David Beckham is entering the twilight of his soccer playing days, Ms. Beckham may just be hitting her stride. It has only been about three years since she first started her fashion line. While other designers toil away for decades to get noticed, it has helped to have a high-profile husband to help push her brand forward. This is not lost on Victoria Beckham in the slightest:

Without David I wouldn’t have had the courage to do what I’m doing.

So, as her first singing career faded at the time that David Beckham rose to the ranks of one of the best soccer players in the world more than a decade ago, now the scenario is reversed.

Victoria Beckham looks to be hitting her stride in a new phase of her life, designing clothes, not just wearing them. Because of this, it might not be too long before she is the breadwinner in the family again. Talk about quite the family brand that is team Beckham!

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