Victoria Beckham Christmas Spending Out of Control!

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Victoria Beckham really wants her baby girl, Harper Seven to have a great first Christmas. So much so that Ms. Beckham has apparently gone completely overboard with the Christmas spending.

So even though Victoria Beckham is the clear breadwinner in the family (read about that here), it looks like both she and her soccer star husband David have dumped thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts for Harper. Hopefully someone will take pictures, because the baby will probably not even remember her first Christmas.

Tabloid reports out of the UK (take these with a grain of salt) are reporting that the fashion designer is turning ‘Beckingham Palace’ into a holiday wonderland. Their mansion is reportedly decorated with six 10-foot Nordic pine trees. Each one of these trees had a nearly $8,000 budget. Yes, that is per tree and it doesn’t even count other decorations around the house.

[Victoria Beckham] ordered silver and glass decorations only, covering all six of the trees throughout the main rooms of the house and lots of decorations for the hallways.

There are also several reports of what Santa Claus is bringing Harper Seven and her brothers for Christmas, but it wouldn’t be fair to spill those beans. The question here is whether Victoria Beckham is completely out of her mind or just obsessed with Christmas. Too bad for David, having to put up and decorate all of these trees for the holidays! That should keep him busy.

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