Victoria Beckham Forced to Wear Flat Shoes

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New mom Victoria Beckham is in agony with a slipped disc. Worst of all, from her fashion idol perspective, she has been photographed in flat shoes. Gasp! It’s a photograph people never thought they’d see, reports StyleWatch from People magazine. The former Spice Girl has traded in her “signature stilettos” for a pair of “plain black flats.”

But Victoria Beckham never wears flats. Not in photographs, anyway. And will she be ready to wear her Louboutins as usual during Fashion Week, next week in New York? “She’ll have to see how she feels,” a source tells People. “Heels will put added pressure on the damaged area but it’s healing well, so it may not be an issue in another couple weeks.”File:Victoria Beckham, May 2010.jpg

Victoria has gotten away with dressing as she loves to dress—read that, wearing super-high heels—while carrying three previous babies, so she no doubt expected to get away with it again. Who would have wanted to see her at the Royal Wedding wearing dowdy shoes?

But the slipped disc happened while Victoria Beckham was expecting, and the Caesarian birth made the situation worse, sources close to the family have reported. No one wants to blame the victim, but wearing high heels in the late stages of pregnancy is a well-known “no-no” activity, even though her work usually requires it.

All working moms can sympathize, and they are, via Twitter. Fans are wishing her well. It isn’t easy to be everything to everyone, all the time. Mother of four, entrepreneur and perfectly-dressed-at-all-times fashion icon. Even Victoria Beckham, with all her fame and money and resources—can’t quite have it all.

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