Victoria Beckham Gives Birth to Baby Girl

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Victoria Beckham has given birth to her baby girl! It’s definitely been a big day for celebrity baby news.

Kate Hudson welcomed a baby boy yesterday, but the actress’ birth has been overshadowed by the arrival of celebrity royalty — the Beckhams reportedly want Prince William and Kate Middleton to be the godparents of their little princess. Hopefully the royal couple obliges since Victoria had to be devastated that she didn’t get to visit with them during their trip to L.A. (David Beckham did manage to meet with them, however).

Victoria and David BeckhamDavid and Victoria have to be thrilled at the arrival of their new daughter, who joins her older brothers Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. It’s fairly obvious that fans couldn’t wait for her to make her big debut — on July 4 Twitter exploded with the news that Victoria Beckham had given birth to a baby named Felicity (it’s likely the rumor stemmed from the fact that July 4 was the couple’s wedding anniversary — it certainly would have made a great story).

There’s no word on what their baby girl’s name is just yet, although it’s rumored that David and Victoria Beckham might be choosing a Beatles-inspired name (David has reportedly been downloading Beatles songs for the little girl to listen to). “Hey Jude” is the song that the little girl might get her name from, but the band has plenty of other songs for the Beckhams to choose names from (Lucy, Michelle, Prudence, and Eleanor are a few girl’s names used in Beatles songs). Or former Spice Girl Victoria could go for a spice-inspired name — the Beatles also have a song entitled “Cayenne.”

Whatever name they may choose, congrats to the Beckhams on their healthy baby girl. As evidenced by the very recent birth of Kate Hudson and Natalie Portman’s baby, their daughter should have no shortage of celebrity pals — Hollywood is certainly experiencing a very big baby boom this year (they better get busy planning star-studded playdates!).

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