Victoria Beckham Loves Those Platform Boots – and Baby Harper, Too!

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Victoria Beckham has had a difficult post-baby summer—what with a slipped disc from her pregnancy and delivery stopping her from wearing her favorite high-heeled shoes and from so much as lifting baby Harper, for the first few weeks. First pictures, in fact, showed David Beckham holding the baby. But now that Harper is two months old, reports Daily Mail, Victoria has pulled it off. She has been photographed in New York, carrying her new daughter while wearing sky-high platform boots—”towering platforms,” sources call them. If that’s not “having it all,” what is?

But is it safe? For Victoria as well as the baby? Most new moms would say no. File:Victoria Beckham, May 2010.jpgApparently Victoria Beckham’s doctor has said yes. In fact, the former Posh Spice of the Spice Girls seems to feel little Harper Seven is safer in her arms than in a stroller—what the British call a “pram.” And no doubt the singer-turned-fashion-mogul has more experience balancing on Louboutins than must women, if only because most women cannot afford them. So maybe she knows what she is doing.

Fashion Week in New York, this week, calls for Victoria Beckham to look her best, and her best includes high-fashion shoes. Who wants to stop in to the Plaza for lunch wearing, gasp, flats? Fans all hope her spine—and the baby—make it through the week safely.

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