Victoria Beckham Never Smiles, Does She Know How?

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Victoria Beckham doesn’t smile. Perhaps she doesn’t know how. Maybe she is just too annoyed with all of her popularity. Whatever the case, this past weekend at the Oscars, Posh Spice and her constant frown were on full display for everyone to see.

Look, she has a loving husband in soccer star David Beckham. She has four lovely children. She is even finding success in transitioning her career from music to fashion design. Victoria Beckham has plenty to be happy with in her life. Still, she won’t smile. Not now, not ever.

Is it that Victoria hates the cameras? Maybe she believes that it is an absolute chore to have get dressed up, walk the red carpet, and stop for photographs with the media and paparazzi. Clearly this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. One thing is for certain, she doesn’t hold her expressions in and doesn’t even try to fake it.

It is just that lately she looks a little more tired. The exhaustion of having four kids (including a baby) on top of her fashion career is exaggerating the sullen expression that Beckham seems to carry most of the time. Perhaps Victoria Beckham knows how to smile; she is just too tired to care to.

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