Victoria Beckham Pregnant Again?!

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Are David and Victoria Beckham expecting a fifth child? That’s what the current rumor is saying. As if four wasn’t enough for the footballer and Posh Spice, Victoria may be pregnant, yet again!

According to tabloid sources, Beckham has made some rather curious changes to her daily regimen. Apparently she is cutting way back on her workouts. She has also stopped drinking. No more alcohol for Victoria. Leave it to a tabloid source to put two and two together.

“When she was last in London, Victoria was dropping hints that her current unruly brood might become even more unruly next year,” claims an unnamed tabloid source.

Okay, so she was hinting. Is Victoria Beckham really expecting child No. 5?

“Her behaviour (food fads, no drinking after the Olympics) led to some of her friends asking outright if she was pregnant, and she just smiled in response,” says the source.

She smiled? She had food cravings? She stepped away from the bottle? She must be pregnant right? Well… until Victoria and David Beckham make an announcement, all fans have is a wink, a nod, and an unnamed source for this rumor.

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