Victoria Beckham: Six Kids Is One Too Many

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Victoria Beckham is expecting her fourth child with husband David Beckham, but that hasn’t stopped her from thinking about the possibility of a fifth or even a sixth child.

The former Spice Girl has admitted that she wants a “big family,” however, not quite as big as the brood that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have. The size of her family might be reliant on if this child she’s carrying now is a girl or a fourth boy. Would she really, in all honesty, consider having a fifth child?

“There could be,” the fashionista said. “Who knows?”

“[If I] don’t have a girl this time, then maybe I’ll be lucky enough and have a girl the next time,” Beckham, 36, told CNN’s Alina Cho.

What about the possibility of having six children should she have five boys?

“Well, I’m not Angelina. I don’t know. I mean, come on.”

Of course, there’s no promises that having five or more children will garner her a little girl. Some couples have several children all the same gender before they get that elusive other gender. It’s all a game of luck and odds.

It seems if she was really that concerned about having a daughter that she might instead consider adopting one rather than playing the chance game with conceiving another child, with the hopes of getting her little spice girl.

What do you think of her plans to possibly have more after this one in her crusade to have a daughter? Is it the right way to go about things or should she instead adopt? Weigh in below.

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