Victoria Beckham Spikes Interest Over Her Golden Gadget

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Celebrities and their penchant for owning things with bling is always a big deal among fans. Victoria Beckham is certainly spiking interest among the public over the golden gadget she was recently seen holding. The 37-year-old fashion designer was photographed talking on a pricey 24-carat gold cell phone.

Rumors sparked that Victoria’s husband, David Beckham, gave her the flashy phone as a “push present” for having baby Harper Seven on July 10. A rep for Victoria said it’s a phone she’s had for some time and not a gift. The golden gadget is worth a cool $33,000. Now, that’s what you call one spendy phone. It’s not like David or Posh can’t afford it!

Victoria Beckham makes the news daily over her stylish clothes and shoes, but rarely over something like a cell phone. Is this a phone she uses very often or is it for special occasions? Being the fashionista Victoria is, she probably has more than one phone like that.

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