Victoria Beckham to Give Birth Today

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Victoria Beckham is set to give birth today! The Brit might not be celebrating the 4th of July quite like some of her American-born celebrity friends, but it will definitely be a firework-worthy time in the Beckham household.

Victoria and David Beckham are expecting their first baby girl, and their house is reportedly full of pink in lieu of red, white, and blue in honor of her arrival. Since fashionista Victoria already has three sons, it’s hard not to see why she’s excited — her daughter definitely has the potential to become the next Suri Cruise with such a stylish mom.

Victoria and David BeckhamJuly 4th is also a special day for David and Victoria Beckham because it’s their 12-year wedding anniversary, and they couldn’t ask for a better gift than a baby girl. But of course plenty of gifts will be waiting for Becks’ baby when she arrives, including recordings of songs by the Beatles.

So will former Spice girl Victoria Beckham give her daughter a spicy name, or a musical one? She could go for Cinnamon, Clove, Pepper, Sage, Rosemary, or Saffron (which is actually quite pretty), but since Posh really seems to have put her Spice girls days behind her, it’s doubtful her daughter (who is sure to be a diva) will be named after a lowly ingredient that can be found on a kitchen shelf.

Instead the fact that David Beckham has been downloading Beatles music has fueled the speculation that the baby girl’s name will be Jude after the song “Hey Jude,” which could actually make a great soothing bedtime song for a child. Then again, Victoria Beckham could also combine the best of both worlds if she named her daughter after the Beatles’ song “Cayenne.” A few other Beatles-inspired named like Jude include Lizzy, Eleanor, Mary Jane, Sally, Julia, Clarabella, Anna, Lucy, Sadie, Pam, Martha, Maggie Mae, and Michelle.

Whether David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter becomes part of a recipe or gets her own theme song, one thing is for sure — she’s going to be born in the USA. The baby will born by Cesarean in a California hospital, giving the family plenty of time to enjoy a star-spangled celebration after her arrival. And since she’s going to be joining the other “California Gurls” on a “Firework”-filled night, perhaps she should be named after Katy Perry (Perry would actually be kind of cute). Anyway, congrats to the couple!

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