Victoria Beckham to Start a Children’s Clothing Line

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Victoria Beckham is ready for a new adventure and she has plans to start her own clothing line for children. What do you think about this idea?

She has not started her clothing line yet, but it is in the works. Victoria and David Beckham recently had a daughter Harper and she has been home with the baby. In this time, Victoria Beckham started sketching ideas for a children’s clothing line and now wants to make it a reality.

She already has a regular line of clothing and people love it. You see people in her stuff all the time. This one should be a hit with fans as well.

Victoria Beckham has 4 children that will make perfect models for her new clothing. She can try it out on them first to make sure she has a hit for today’s market.

Do you plan to buy her new clothing line for your kids? Do you think it will be something the normal person can afford?

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