Victoria Beckham Turning Harper Seven into Fashionista?

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What do people expect out of Victoria Beckham. After having three little boys that can model their lives after their father, soccer star David Beckham, daughter Harper Seven may very well become a little fashionista.

One thing is for sure, the world will be watching if little Harper not only wears mommy’s clothes, but also if she wears her trademark smirk.

The tabloids are all on the ‘Harper looks like Victoria’ bandwagon these days. Perhaps it is the hair, the lack of smile, or of course the clothing. Look, Victoria Beckham has a style to uphold, since she is a fashion designer. It is hardly surprising that she would go out of her way to make sure that Harper Seven was dressed to the nines as well.

While it may be a little premature to anoint little baby Harper the next British fashionista, at least she enjoys wearing little red dresses. One could imagine the shock if Harper turns out to be a tomboy, dressing more like daddy David and the boys than like mum, Victoria Beckham.

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