Victoria Justice Tweets Funny Twitterpic Joke & Concert News!

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Young superstar Victoria Justice has been quite active on her Twitter. Just like Justin Bieber and many other young celebrities, she’s having fun with Twitterpics and talking to fans!

Victoria Justice is the star of several Nickelodeon TV shows including “Victorious” and “Zoey 101.” She’s also appeared in several films including “Unknown” and “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf.” She also uses the internet quite a bit, including her Twitter account @VictoriaJustice. Just recently, Victoria posted a rather peculiar Twitterpic of her using an unusual phone. She tweeted along with the funny picture:

Am I the only one who’s not getting any reception in here?

In addition to that, she’s been having all sorts of fun on her Twitter account. The 18-year-old from Hollywood, Florida, also recently posted about her upcoming concert performance in Los Angeles, which had a star-studded line up:

Hey LA-ers! I’m performing @TheGroveLA tomorrow at 7:30 PM. Great line up: @ColbieCaillat, @SeanKingston, @GavinDeGraw, @RobinThicke RT! :{)

Victoria Justice is also giving back to her Twitter friends or followers. On Friday she told everyone:

I’ll be announcing my next US Twitter friend 2 follow tomorrow. Who shall it be? Can’t wait :{)

It appears that many of the young celebrities have the right idea in terms of using Twitter to gain fans, friends, and followers. Miley Cyrus and several other young celebs have been known to post racy pics or statements to the general public. Savvy social media celebs like JB, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift embrace Twitter as a way to not only market themselves, but connect with fans. So far, it appears Victoria Justice is using her Twitter account for good and not evil!

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