Video: 11 Year Old Gives Birth with the child’s stepfather held for sexual assault

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The 11 year old that gives birth happened right here in the United States. Currently under the protection of child services, this is a sad and bizarre case of injustice.

It is alleged (according to the state) that the father of the baby is the child’s stepfather and that he has been (allegedly) sexually assaulting the child since age six. While there are no names to protect the family, the police have used DNA to establish the father and the child is to remain in state custody while this gets sorted out.

Since there is an alleged action of sexual abuse, a case against both adults – the mother and boyfriend have been opened.  Shockingly, the mother claims she knew nothing of the situation and unaware her daughter was pregnant.

Girl is living with other relatives and under the eye of the state at the moment. This situation has brought security issues to all the parties involved as people are outraged (as they should be) and want answers on why this was allowed to happen.

Watch this video (newscast) about the situation.

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