Video: Bizarre Interpretation of ‘Bad Romance’ by Elderly Chinese Choir (with Lyrics)

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In perhaps the best evidence ever that music is the universal language, an elderly Chinese choir gave the world its spin of the earth-shattering Lady Gaga hit Bad Romance. And it’s anything but.

The performance, seen by millions on Chinese TV, and now by millions more worldwide, pays homage to the music of Lady Gaga with an interpretation which implores the younger Chinese generation to “give us our moment on stage.”

Same message, different words. Still a smash.

The video, filmed live on Hunan TV in September, had non-Chinese speaking viewers scratching their heads over the message. After many wild (and hilarious) guesses, a fan posted the translation online and it puts the performance in an entirely new light.

It’s best to watch the video below once to catch the bizarre, yet inexplicably appealing, performance in its original context. A second pass with the lyrics paints Lady Gaga in a whole new way.

Is it possible that World Peace is achievable after all? And could Bad Romance be its first and most lasting anthem?

It all starts with the kids minding their elders. And maybe picking up the phone every once in a while?

Here’s the video. Lyrics follow…

Oh, oh oh beloved son Oh, oh, oh go Gaga & perform a song. Lalala go Gaga Lalalalala We’re performing, don’t pass it off as unimportant.

Your working days are too many, you hardly ever come home. At the other end of the phone, you’re always busy with no end in sight. Busy with no end. Busy, busy, busy without end.

Your old folks pass their days learning and finding ways to amuse themselves. Cut back on the little details, but HOLD on to those grand occasions. Have to HOLD on, Hold, hold, hold, have to HOLD on.

Beloved son, watch the singing on TV. Your father and mother didn’t make any mistakes, did they? Tonight, HOLD on as you see Mum & Dad within a second GO GAGA!

If you’re satisfied, please stand up and applaud. Dont make us too nervous. If you’re happy, sing along with us. Give us our moment on stage.

Lalala go Gaga, Lalalalala. We’re performing, don’t pass it off as unimportant. Hey, hey! The joy of being OLD! Gaga can show you something? I’m so happy!

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