VIDEO Burning Transocean Oil Rig Sinks – Major Oil Spill Eminent UPDATE

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The oil platform, Deepwater Horizon that’s burning in the Gulf of Mexico has sunk below the surface. According to British Petroleum, the Macondo Prospect, where Transocean drilled the well, contained “tens of millions of barrels” of reserves, now there is a viable threat of oil spreading across the Gulf Of Mexico in a major first class oil spill, due to faulty equipment that cause the oil rig explosion. 

“We are determined to do everything in our power to contain this oil spill and resolve the situation as rapidly, safely and effectively as possible,” said Group Chief Executive Tony Hayward. “We have assembled and are now deploying world-class facilities, resources and expertise, and can call on more if needed. There should be no doubt of our resolve to limit the escape of oil and protect the marine and coastal environments from its effects.”  BP sent seven oil-spill cleanup vessels to the scene, David Rainey, BP’s vice president for Gulf of Mexico production, said at a press conference yesterday in New Orleans. The vessels are carrying 6,000 feet of floating boom designed to prevent any oil from spreading and more is ready ashore, BP spokesman Tom Mueller said today in an interview. 

The 11 men are still missing from the initial oil rig explosion that started this fire.  It is doubtful the oil containment measures of BP will stop this environmental disaster. But they are good at hiding things and covering them up, so how much damage is caused by this royal screw up, may go unnoticed. 

The rig, Deep Water Horizon, was built back 2001 and was used to make last year’s discovery in BP’s Tiber field, also in the Gulf of Mexico, after drilling the deepest commercial oil well in history .

Family members of one missing worker, Shane Roshto of Amite, Miss., filed a lawsuit in New Orleans on Thursday accusing Transocean of negligence. Rumors are surfacing that the workers were afraid of this happening due to the condition of the rig.

The Coast Guard said there is already a one-mile by 5-mile sheen of oil in the area where the rig sank, and it has skimmers in the area to capture the crude but it will grow larger.

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