VIDEO – Groupie Kat Stacks Beaten by BOW WOW Rap Crew – She Called Bow Wow Small!

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Celebrity groupie Kat Stacks was slapped and dragged by her hair after she called Bow Wow small. Who is Kat Stacks? Well, she is one of the more interesting groupies around. She uses her twitter account to contact celebrities she wants to bang. They bang her and she recounts her sordid sexual escapades online! Way to make a living Stacks.

According to, an associate of Bow Wow’s, “Fabulous Brother’ ran into her at a bar and needed to redeem Bow Wow’s name. He walks up to Stacks and slaps her in the face with his friends looking on and even recording the incident.

He actually slaps her a couple of times and then drags her hair down ordering her to apologize! It really looks like she was about to get creamed by a bunch of guys! I wonder what they would have done to her if they saw her in a dark alley?

Despite how she lives her life, I don’t believe anyone, woman or man should be handled like that. I hope she presses charges and teaches these guys a lesson.

Here is the video of the slap followed by the video of Kat Stack herself talking about her escapades…it’s harsh!



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