Video: IKEA uses 100 cats for London catalog campaign

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IKEA used 100 cats for its London catalog ad campaign. The catalog project was to free 100 cats in a London IKEA store and was thought up by ad makers Mother London.

Logo of Ikea. Drawn by Mysid on a PNG original...NewsOxy states that the “IKEA 100 cats London catalog campaign” aired during an episode of The X Factor on September 11. The catalog ad shows the 100 cats roaming around IKEA’s displays enjoying the comfortable furniture.

The Post Chronicle reports that while in IKEA, most of the 100 cats were cooperative but that one did get stuck on a display. The London catalog ad is also set up as a contest for IKEA costumers. The customer who can guest which item was most liked by all of the 100 cats will actually win that piece of furniture.

NPR states that IKEA used the 100 cats for its 2011 London catalog. It took five film crews to follow and film the animals. They apparently “hid, jumped and explored and napped.” Fortunately, all the cats were accounted for and none were injured. They just had a fun filled day exploring the IKEA store.

The London catalog ad must be a really interesting one. To use 100 cats is a very unique approach to selling furniture, one that no other furniture maker has done before. Good for IKEA for thinking out of the box.

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