VIDEO: Jesse James’ Tearful “Nightline” Interview

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Jesse James: Still married to Sandra Bullock! Named for an outlaw! Biker who hangs out with Nazi girlfriends! And, uh, crying softie. That’s the evidence seen in the video below, a sneak peek of James’ interview with ABC’s Nightline coming next Tuesday.

“They call you the most hated man in America,” the interviewer offers JJ. “I think it’s most hated man in the world,” he replies. Well, if you count out Bin Laden, Perez Hilton, and Pink Hitler, Jess, you may have a point there.

Towards the end of this teaser, the announcer … um, announces: “And then, what everyone’s been waiting for.” A fullbore apology? An on-camera reconciliation with Sandy? A Craiglist ad for his fire sale of bikes?

Well, no. “I think I need to take a break now,” Double-J intones, before slipping away off camera.

Believable? Well, given all the unbelievable chapters in this ongoing saga so far, I’d say yes. Take it away, ABC:

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